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American Turquoise

American Turquoise is known worldwide as being the best in the world!

American Turquoise comes in many colors and grades with many different characteristics based upon the location of the deposit. Arizona Turquoise and Nevada Green Turquoise have the largest deposits of Turquoise but it has been found in New Mexico, Colorado and California. Generally speaking Blue Turquoise comes from Arizona and Green Turquoise comes from Nevada, however, all colors are found in both locations.

Turquoise is becoming extremely rare in the United States due to restrictions set on mining and the cost to mine. Turquoise, for the most part is found in small deposits and mining Turquoise takes intense work and a lot of time. As a result, most of the Turquoise you find in Jewelry these days in from China. China has good Turquoise but they also have a lot of bad Turquoise that they alter to meet the demands of the world.

If you are a Turquoise lover and you are from the United States, we encourage you to seek our American Turquoise as it is true - it is the best Turquoise in the world.

One great place to find authentic Silver Turquoise Jewelry is Durango Silver Company. They are well known worldwide for their fine quality American Turquoise and authenticity.

American Turquoise Mines

Arizona Turquoise Mines | California Turquoise Mines

Colorado Turquoise Mines| Nevada Turquoise Mines

New Mexico Turquoise Mines | Utah Turquoise Mines

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